Below is a summary timeline of Robert Brown's work as a Medium.

Robert has experiences from a very early age, being born with the ability to see Spirit. Though at the time not understanding the experiences, these became fully clear and explainable after Robert attends The Spiritualist Association of Great Britain, Belgrave Square, London, as a teenager in the early 1970s.

A detailed description of his early experiences can be read in his book "We Are Eternal, What the Spirit's Tell Me about Life after Death," an account of his first 30 years of work published in U.S.A by Warner Books and in the U.K by Hatchards in 2003. A later edition was published in German by Giger.

In 1973, Robert attends the S.A.G.B for the first time and witnesses some of the most famous and outstanding mediums of the day.

In the mid-70s, Robert joins development circles to understand the workings of mediumship; numerous courses and workshops lead to Robert joining, among others, the Ivy Northage School of Mediumship.

In 1976 Robert conducts his first solo Church Service at the London Spiritual Mission where later, he holds some of his first workshops and teaching classes which are later acknowledged by the Church making him an Honorary Life Member for services to the Church.

At the invitation of the Gen. Sec. Tom Johannson, the S.A.G.B. invites Robert to hold classes for other young people making him one of the youngest people to hold classes at the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain at the time.

After leaving Ivy Northage's group, Robert joins medium Peter Close's home circle. Close, a police officer of 30 years and brother to UK team cricket captain, Brian Close, held a development circle in his home and was influential and supportive of Robert, entrusting him with the running of the circle when he was on tour.

In the 1980s Robert tours many Spiritualist churches throughout the UK, gives demonstrations of Spirit communication and holds workshops and development circles. Mid-1980s Robert is ordained a Minister of The Christian Spiritualist Society.

Later, visiting America, his fundraising and demonstrations for the Learning Light Foundation in California, lead him to being awarded an Honorary Life membership. He is also ordained a Minister of the Metaphysical Fellowship Church of Anaheim, succeeding the Rev. Yvonne Goodall, as keeper of the Seals of the Church.

In the 1990s Robert undertakes more travels, notable events were: in 1994, medium James van Praagh has a sitting with Robert and invites him to join in double demonstrations. This results in numerous events which were attended by up to 400 people. In 1996, Robert gives a reading to John Edward; again, collaboration with double demonstrations follow and a residential retreat is organised by John in Barbados in 2000. Later, Robert is delighted to be invited by John, along with Suzanne Northrop and John Holland, to demonstrate at his "4 Mediums" event in Las Vegas with an audience of 1,980 people.

Robert continues to tour and be invited around the World to demonstrate his gift of Mediumship. Having joined the International Spiritualist Federation years earlier, Robert is elected to their Executive Committee and on 1st August, 1998, he is invited to be the first person ever to be a World Ambassador for Spiritualism, a position he continues for over two years.

Tours of New Zealand, India, throughout Europe and U.S.A follow.

In 2003, Robert starts the "Robert Brown & Friends Spiritual Retreat," an annual, week-long, residential course that has been held for 11 years in the Bahamas, and in recent years Virginia Beach.

The week aims to bring together Mediums, Healers, and anyone seeking to understand the philosophy and workings of all things metaphysical; it is a week of sharing and learning. The week eventually spawned "The Mediums Boot Camp," an intensive training week for Mediumship.

Recently, Robert has announced that the Virginia Beach week will remain a Spiritual retreat to allow it to include all disciplines and the Mediums Boot Camp will be a separate event.

Throughout this span of time, Robert has maintained contact with and assisted several organisations including various bereavement groups.

In 2015, Robert took up the reigns of answering readers "Question & Answers" in British magazine "Psychic News" which is ongoing; in 2017, through the magazine, Robert offered his services to any organisation that could benefit from them, entirely free (limited to one a month, 12 events for the year).

The results varied from raising funds for local community projects, paying for a complete set of new chairs for one Church,to helping pay general bills and contributing for new windows for another. It was part of what Robert called, "a giving back to Spirit" gesture.

Robert continues to travel and his appearances are posted on the website's Event Calendar.